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Why do web development companies invariably differ so much in cost when they are approached to provide an estimate for a web project?

Project bids can vary from, say £700 to £10,000 for example, all for the same piece of development. So how can that be?

Let me suggest that, from our past experience, it normally stems from the lack of clarity from a client who has not allowed themselves time to fully think through what they actually want. That leaves web providers to either cover for every unstated need that might come up at a later stage, resulting in an overly high estimate, or to provide a grossly under-estimated bid, resulting in frustration for the client when the extras are piled on, or a painful loss for the developer, and a general all round feeling of disappointment for both parties.

Pre-plan your web development requirements

Allow me to make this quick comparison to purchasing a new car, and the spec you would communicate to the salesman. You would pre-think all you wanted in a new car, wouldn’t you? Then, you’d make sure each showroom you visited knew everything on your wish list.

website development

If you’d like an example of the key questions we normally ask at the pre-quote stage, and our sitemap template, please apply for your free editable Word document here.

Creating your written brief is unavoidably time-consuming, but we trust our document takes you at least half way there in your thought process.

Rest assured the end result will condense the time required of you after the groundwork has been addressed.

Before you decide to request the free document above, here is a suggestion of some of the key areas you should consider writing about:

  • Purpose of the Document
  • General Company Background Information
  • Project Requirements
  • Existing Website Observations
  • New Site Map Diagram
  • Technology Requirements
  • Key Features
  • Additional Notes

Our document expands on each of the above topics.

When the same non-verbal brief is issued to each tendering party, you can be more confident in comparing apples with apples when the proposals are submitted to you. Remember, no web development company worth dealing with will expect you to cover all bases in providing an all-encompassing brief, but you should be well on your way to encouraging a meaningful exchange of information and questions with interested parties, and much less likely to experience post-tender, hidden costs.

Good Luck!